The Hardware Society review

A quick review of eating out at the Hardware Societe.



Here is a little photo diary of my weekend trip down to Melbourne. Also I added a little sound clip of Jose James after the jump, feel free to listen to it... or not. 


Splendour Love

So I finally, finally, FINALLY got around to developing and scanning my film that I took from Splendour. And I am super happy with the results! Sometimes it can be a hit or miss with film, not knowing what will turn out and what won't. But I guess that is the joy of film photography - the element of surprise. After the jump you will be exposed to these photos in its original size which is much bigger that I normally set my photos on this blog. But I felt like you wouldn't be able to fully see the details of Splendour.
Anyhow enough chit-chat check out these photos mannnnn


Sadhana Kitchen

Sadhana Kitchen is one of the very few vegan eateries that offer wholesome, flavoursome food in Sydney that I know of. And today I gave them a visit and was not disappointed.